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Outdoor Living Room and Al Fresco Dining Space 3 of 8

ORC: Week Three

Thanks again for joining me for the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge!

If you’re new to this blog series, start at Week One to see all the initial design plans.

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This week we got several days of rain. The patio must be completely dry before using the polymeric sand to seal the gaps so that had to be put off until next week.

We also decided to order edge bricks rather than go with what’s in stock. They should be in by Wednesday which means the patio will finally be done next week.

In the meantime, we started putting new mulch down in all the flower beds (front and back yard), power washed the pavers again, finalized the plans for a surprise mini-project we’re planning (!), and started building the gazebo.

To make the build go easier and faster we opened all the boxes, inventoried the parts, and sorted everything by part number.

The plan was to build the base and each of the roof panels on the lawn. Once the pavers are sealed and cured, we’d move the base to the patio and then attach the roof panels per the instructions.

But we needed a level surface to build on so we're going to have to move it off the patio before we seal the bricks and then put it back again. It's not ideal but when you're working with a deadline you have to do what's necessary to get the work done.

As you can see we've been burning the midnight oil on this. Well, not really, it just gets dark earlier than I'd like so we're working until we can't see anymore.

Still to Come…

Once the gazebo is in place on the patio we’ll be wiring the electrical and installing our lights and ceiling fan.

Since building the gazebo is a two-person job and my husband is doing the electrical, I’ll be building the sofa table and continuing to add detailing to the upholstery while he’s at his 9-5.

Poor guy is using his evenings and weekends to work on this project. (But that’s life married to me!)

Here’s a brief list of what still needs to be completed in Weeks 4-8:

  • Seal gaps between pavers with polymeric sand

  • Finish building gazebo

  • Wire gazebo electrical, install ceiling fan and string lights

  • Build sofa table

  • Detail upholstery pieces

  • Unbox and move furniture into the gazebo

  • Decorate

  • Finish surprise project(s) (To be revealed in the final weeks as they are completed)

That’s it! A lot of these items will be completed in the next two weeks as we try to get lots of work done before Memorial Day.

We used to have a Memorial Day party every year but we haven’t done one in quite a long time. Of course, the year I decide we should take on a backyard project is also the year we decide to hold our Memorial Day party again. It figures!

Time is flying on this project and the final reveal will be here before you know it. Next week we'll already be halfway to the deadline!

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